Restart for U11s in Frantiskovy Lazne and Rehau

After almost 2 years, DTFS organized its first cross-border football tournament for U11s from 4-5 September 2021. German and Czech clubs such as Bayern Munich, Sparta Prague, Hertha BSC, Banik Ostrava, RB Leipzig met each other in Frantiskovy Lazne and Rehau and played a tournament with DTFS and local children from FC Frantiskovy Lazne, FC Rehau, Hvezda Cheb and JFG Bayerisches Vogtland. The tournament took place according to the national Covid hygiene rules. Participants and spectators needed to show proof for vaccination or immunity from Covid or provide a negative test. In Rehau, the number of spectators was limited to 250, the few seats will initially be available to the parents of the participating children. Above all, we would like to thank the sponsors for their loyal support even in these difficult times: Landkreis Hof, Karlovarsky kraj, Stadt Rehau,, Mesto Frantiskovy Lazne, Edeka Schraml, Bad Brambacher, Ristorante Volante Diana, Lidl CZ. The BFV Oberfranken supported the tournament with referees and balls. The teams were tested by the Bavarian Red Cross. The Rehau student residence helped to accommodate the teams. In the end, after many exiting games RB Leipzig won the tournament on Saturday and Hertha BSC the 2nd tournament on Sunday. We’d like to thank all participants, partners and sponsors for supporting the successful German-Czech restart in our home region!